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Smart Financial and

Investment Plans

built just for you.

Minimize Taxes | Optimize Investments | Gain Financial Peace of Mind

Mulholland & Kuperstock Asset Management is an investment advisor in San Diego, California and Summerlin, Nevada.


We always put our clients' interests first. We are bound by the fiduciary standard three times: CFA Code of Ethics; CFP Standards of Conduct; and the California Registered Investment Adviser rules.


We are only paid by our clients and never receive commissions for selling products or making referrals.

Services We Offer

Tax Planning

Comprehensive planning to minimize taxes involving capital gains, stock-based compensation, etc.

Withdrawal Strategy

Coordinate withdrawals from all types of accounts to including your pensions, social security. and other income sources.

Financial Independence

Confidence in your path to financial freedom. An investment strategy that will allow you to enjoy your version of retirement. 

Estate Planning

Match you with a top tier estate planner. Ensure you have the right plan to protect the next generation.

Education Planning

Clarity about the future resources needed. The right investment vehicles and choices to minimize your required cash outlay.


Investment advice from credentialed professionals with decades of experience managing money for the most sophisticated investors in the world.