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The 2023 Callan Periodic Table of Returns Thumbnail

The 2023 Callan Periodic Table of Returns

There have been many copy cats, but Callan Associates, where I started in the investment industry in 2001, was the first to create a periodic table of returns. In my opinion, it remains the definitive and best version. 

After falling -18% in 2022, Large Cap US Equity roared back with the best return of 2023 with 26%. After the ups and downs, the S&P 500 sits about 2% above it's 2001 closing high.

What the Callan Periodic Table of Returns shows in an eye catching simple way is the fundamental truism in finance: that was goes up, goes down, and every asset class has its day in the sun and the shadows. 

What will be the top performer for 2024? Stay tuned until this time next year...